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Using PIL info me you can do some amazing things to boost your business. With no coding experience needed, from a very smart catalog, from auto generated web pages, to manually generated web pages, to email marketing, SMS marketing, calendar bookings & appointments, eCommerce from basic to macro sized businesses, to company web-based profile generation, to personal web-based profile generation, to job advertising and seeking, to blog page generation, to private selling, and even bidding and buying, this is a must have for any business. Contact sales@pilmobi.com for more information.

Our Specialties

Marketing is King

Marketing is ultra important for any business. Doing a proper marketing portfolio makes all the difference. Many organisation assume that they know how to market themselves, we don't assume, we deliver. Don't be misguided by pretence marketing hearsay, get the job done correctly from the start. 

Quick & Powerful Coding

We have our own special rapid application tool kits for powerful to very basic web app development. Why pay more when we can develop amazing solutions at a fraction of the price. We can 'WOW' you in front of your very eyes.
If we cannot meet your expectations, then we'll walk.

Take Advice from the Pros

Get the best and most professional advice before you invest. Let us help you make better decisions that will work for your business and all your employees. We also review already made investments and help enhance returns. Need help with Tenders, RFQ's, RFP's? We can assist with years of experience.

Far UVC Products
Far UVC Products

In the fight against COVID-19 and other pathogens, we bring to you far uvc lighting.
FAR-UVC lighting is an autonomous and continuous disinfection system for occupied spaces.
No consumables, no refills, no fuss.

Kick-ass Marketing Tools

Email Marketing

Join our PIL Community and build awesome emailing marketing screens without any coding required. Send out an unlimited amount of emails. Email marketing is powerful marketing.
Ask us how at support@pilmobi.com 

SMS Marketing

Our PIL Community platform supports sms/text marketing. We make use of Twilio and Clickatel engines to send sms's at a very reduced cost. Look professional no matter the size of your business. Ask us how at support@pilmobi.com

Smart Catalog Builder

No matter your business, use PIL Community to build a smart catalog that can do wonders for you.
From the catalog you can build an additional website with eCommerce functions, company profile web pages and quick marketing. Ask us how at support@pilmobi.com

Tools for you and your business

Bookings and Appointments
Bookings / Appointments
Complete booking management

PIL Community allows you to have your very own booking system that can easily link to your website. Sends emails and SMS's when bookings are made or cancelled including reminders. Good reporting on all the bookings and the status thereafter. We align with Twilio and Clickatel API's

Job Postings
Employment Agencies and HR

PIL Community has a powerful job posting module with no limitations once you signup as an agent.
With PIL's search engine jobs can be searched for with ease and applying for a job is also very easy.
Batch replying to unsuccessful candidates is made easy or successful candidates can be easily contacted.

Business Portfolio and CV
Build portfolios for you and your business

Build awesome business and personal portfolios for your business and/or yourself. Business portfolios can be auto built from the SMART catalog from the agency register, whereas personal portfolios can be done from the user register.





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